Vsat antenna

Antenna attaches much importance in the earth station, the antennas are divided into different catogories, this article mainly introduces Cassegrain Vsat antenna and the working priciple of Vsat antenna.Vsat antenna is an importanct part in the Satellite communication earth stations. The Vsat antenna mainly do the...Read More

Market Vsat Antenna Infomation

Name Band Brand
2.4m vsat antenna C, KU, S,X ---
3.7m vsat antenna C, KU, KA,S,X, ---
4.5m vsat antenna C, KU, X,KA,S,L ---
5.3m vsat antenna C, KU ---
6m vsat antenna C, KU ---
6.2m vsat antenna C, KU, X,KA,S,L ---
7.3m vsat antenna C, KU, X,KA,S,L ---

About Manufacturers

  • AnaCom Inc
  • Patriot Communications
  • Antesky Science Technology Inc.
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