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Vertex 6.1m vast antenna with Ka band

Posted by kevin on about 7 years ago.
For sale: 6.1m Vertex KXX model - 2 port Linear feed system- MOD#K61KCTRL
  o Rx – 21.4 GHz to 22.00 GHz
  o Tx – 27.5 GHz to 28.6 GHz
• Antenna control system – Vertex RSI ACU 7200
• Antenna tracking receiver – Vertex RSI CG 1220
• LNA System –ITS (redundant)
• Up and Down converter – ITS (redundant)
• MCL HPA redundant (redundant) – MT3311 1+1 redundant system
• LCU control unit
• De-icing/rain blower system
• Waveguide system (as it is installed)
• Operational manuals
• Test results booklet
6m Ka band antenna for sale
Location: Denmark. Buyer to move to their location.
Karthikeyan Arumugam
Emperion Network Operations
Mobile:+45 6122 5619
Office: +45 3925 2564



Download: Ka-band-antenna-6m-sale.pdf (1029 kB)

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