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VSAT System Designing

Posted by kevin on almost 7 years ago.

We need to do the overall design firstly when setting up VSAT system. Then optimize system structure on the basis of user’s requirements. After that, provide exact content for each section which consists of system so as to calculate and demonstrate overall. Therefore, we can make VSAT system meet the preset quality requirements and network performance.


Application requirements analysis, technology overall design and project setup are included in overall system design. Application requirements analyses mainly study demonstration application, do conceptual design, and develop suitable technical overall design. Technology overall design includes the following aspects which are space satellite selection, earth station system demonstration, satellite link calculation, various of data optimization, network design. Project setup mainly make the regulations, and implement plans, methods, steps, open programs and appropriation budget.


In short, overall system design is complex. It will need a large number of professional knowledge and experience, and at the same time it will fully demonstrate every factor. 

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