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Characteristics and Applications of VSAT Satellite Communication

Posted by burrows on almost 7 years ago.
VSAT satellite communication system has very evident characteristics, which mainly includes the following aspects:
1 Ground (remote) station antenna has small diameter which is generally 2 meters below. Now it mostly adopts 1.2~1.8m diameter. Climbers sometimes use flyaway personal earth station with 0.3m diameter.
2 Transmission power is low,which is generally between 1 and 3w.
3 Weight is light. It is always dozens of kilograms and some are a few kilograms. And they are easy to carry.
4 Price is low and it is economical and practical. This system has low price and its economic efficiency is greater than equipment price.
5 Construction cycle is short. It is simpler than traditional ground communication means. Cable and optical cable are not needed to set up. It doesn’t need a relay station setting up every 50km, unlike microwave communication. In VSAT satellite communication system, just install necessary device at both ends of communication and equipment assembly is simpler.
6 Communication cost is irreverent to communication cost. As for common communication system, the longer the distance is, the higher is the cost. But VSAT satellite communication is not related to distance. The longer the distance is, the more adaptable is VSAT communication.
7 VSAT satellite communication is not affected by terrain and climate because it is not needed to set up ground facilities and it is little interfered by ground.
8 The biggest advantage of VSAT satellite communication technology is flexible in network combination, convenient maintenance and easy to expand, for it doesn’t have complex ground equipment.
Application of VSAT satellite technology
  VSAT station can easily make up flexible and economical network system of different scale, different rate, and different application. A VSAT network can contain 200~500 small stations, which has a wide range of application including broadcast type, point-to point type, two-way interactive type and collection type. It can be applied not only in developed countries, but also in less technologically advanced countries and undeveloped countries, especially in remote areas of complex terrain, less population and inconvenient lines. It can be equipped directly to the individual, so it has important significance for the military. Generally, VSAT technology can be applied in the following aspects.
1 It can be applied for popularizing satellite television broadcast and satellite television, and transmitting signal of broadcast television and business television. This application mode has a vital role in both the material and spiritual civilization for remote areas in our country.
2 It can be applied for financial system and securities system to dynamically track and manage market situation, which greatly shortens cash conversion cycle.
3 It can be applied for water conservancy to manage and hydrological change in order to prevent and reduce natural disaster. VSAT system can timely transmit the information obtained by meteorological satellite, maritime satellite, resource satellite and ground detection station.
4 It can be applied for transportation system. Oversea developed countries use it on railway operation and dispatching, which greatly ease transport tense.
5 It can be applied for military. In Gulf war in 1999, the international military used VSAT for a large amount of mobile communication and equipped it to each soldier.
6 It can be applied for emergency communication and communication in remote areas. VSAT is the most convenient emergency communication backup system for natural disaster or emergency incident.

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